Unique opportunities to invest in the best startups
You see them all over the news, it is time to join their adventure
We're a marketplace for secondary shares
FairShares is the only platform allowing anyone - from clients to investors - to buy shares in late-stage startups, from 5000€.
We're not cowboys
We align the interests of every stakeholder before going through with a deal - employees, management and investors. We're looking for long term trust.
We make it clear and simple
In finance, using jargon is common to make sure customers won't ask too many questions. On the contrary, we believe that being didactic and transparent is the only way to deal with modern investment.
We foster a community
Rather than focusing on taking the largest slice of the cake, we're aiming to 10x the cake. Our goal is to develop the ecosystem enough for secondary shares to become mainstream.
Ils parlent de nous
The fastest growing French startups.
You know them all by name
How it works
We send you deals
Employees of a scaleup are selling their shares. We give you access to the relevant data.

You let us know you're in
We open the fundraising with our network of individual investors and family offices.
We deal with the paperwork
You will only have to sign a few documents.
You wire the money
before the deal closes
You're in !
You now own a piece of unicorn, and you can boast about it to your family and friends.
Founders : capture the true value of your company

Few people have access to your capital. FairShares allows you to invite a larger community, such as your most loyal customers, under your control, which stenghtens your brand and increases loyalty from your ecosystem, without risk - since FairShares will only take one line in your captable

More on us
There's a world outside real estate and public stocks
A team of seasoned entrepreneurs
Agile, flexible, with a stellar track record of execution on complex deals.
Matthieu Stefani
CosaVostra, GDIY
Following several entrepreneurial successes, Matthieu founded in 2013 a leading digital agency, CosaVostra, along with the largest business podcast in France (400k+ UU/m).
François Dorléans
Stratumn, BPI
François co-founded a blockchain start-up, Stratumn, in 2015, and has since been investing in several start-ups. He joined Matthieu on the FairShares adventure in 2020.
Laodis Menard
Teads, Pi2
After growing Teads from 4 to 400 people, Laodis ventured in the gaming then the blockchain industries. He is now heading Pareto Startup Studio.
Exclusive opportunities to invest in your favorite startups.
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