Sell your startup shares privately and securely.
Every minute with our assets locked lasts an eternity. Sell your startup shares with us.
You don't need to wait for a liquidity event to sell with us.
Employees and shareholders with all size of blocks may sell with us in a couple of weeks.
Across all the company
  • Get pool with other sellers
  • We communicate with management
  • Everything is done through our platform
  • 8-12 week operation
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For single-sellers
  • Set the valuation with us
  • Sign a pledge and keep your shares
  • Payback profit at a liquidity event
  • We deal with all the paperwork
  • 6-10 week operation
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Forwards are a revolution for shareholders
Get paid immediately
We agree on a current valuation of your shares and you get paid immediately. You keep the shares, and we deal with the paperwork.
Keep your shares
You can forget about us until the day you sell your shares.
Payback when liquid
You only pay us back when your shares become liquid, such as at the IPO or at the sale of the company.
This deal is between you and us, and nobody gets bothered in the process -company approval is not required.
We can sell important volumes across our network of investors in short timelines.
Your financing is backed only by your shares. Your other personal assets are not at risk.
Liquidity is optimal for smaller stakeholders that want it simple
We gauge interest
We assess the amount of pooled shares that employess & shareholders wish to sell along with a fair price. We then sign an LOI with the sellers.
We raise funds
We share the investment opportunity to our network of individual investors and family offices.
We deal with the paperwork
Employees looking to exercise their shares can benefit from a bridging loan through our partner banks.
We close the SPV
Partners renounce their pre-emptive rights. Once the promises of funds have been collected, we close the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).

We buy the shares
The SPV repurchases the shares sold.
Sell my shares
We have a strong network of investors for deals from €200k to €10m+
In order to buy shares in the fastest and fairest way, we have identified many investors of different sizes.
1000+ micro-investors
<€50k tickets
A large network of Business Angels
Tickets from 20 to €500k.
Key family offices
€500k+ tickets
20m+ exits from previous ventures
We've created and sold 6 startups, and ran several independant M&A operations over the past 10 years
A team of seasoned entrepreneurs
Agile, flexible, with a stellar track record of execution on complex deals.
Matthieu Stefani
CosaVostra, GDIY
Following several entrepreneurial successes, Matthieu founded in 2013 a leading digital agency, CosaVostra, along with the largest business podcast in France (400k+ UU/m).
François Dorléans
Stratumn, BPI
François co-founded a blockchain start-up, Stratumn, in 2015, and has since been investing in several start-ups. He joined Matthieu on the FairShares adventure in 2020.
Laodis Menard
Teads, Pi2
After growing Teads from 4 to 400 people, Laodis ventured in the gaming then the blockchain industries. He is now heading Pareto Startup Studio.
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